We Will Solve 
Your Teacher Shortage

We Will Solve 
Your Teacher Shortage

We know the pressure you’re under to  find qualified teachers. 

Your young teachers are quitting the profession.

Lead teachers are retiring early.

Attrition is increasing as other schools (nearby districts, private, charter) lure the best educators.

Pay in nearby states is higher.

Last but not least...

There’s been a shift in the marketplace...
 Teachers have choices too, and now you’re fighting for their attention.

Employer Branding is your opportunity to target, attract, engage and persuade
the appropriate teacher talent across all channels and mediums.

Teacher recruitment is not a resumé race anymore.

You must reach beyond mere job posting!
You can build your school's brand and raise the quantity
and quality of teachers you attract.

Let's find you the


We believe the future of recruiting is where high-tech overlaps with highly skilled human interaction.

Too much focus on tech and we end up treating candidates even worse. Too much customization and your recruiting strategy is simply not scalable.

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We analyse your school brand, positioning, and candidate experience

We screen your candidates via recorded video interviews and detailed analytics.

We find your teacher prospects all over social media.

We create your ads, flyers, teacher nurturing system, and 5 mini-websites.

Why limit yourself to job boards?
Let us build your
 Employer Brand!

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An average candidate spends 1 of every 7 online minutes on Facebook (Work4Labs Data).

Approximately 52% of all job seekers use Facebook to look for work (Mashable Data).

84% of candidates have a Facebook Profile (Times Business).

50% of teacher job seekers say a school's Facebook page is more useful than its website (Work4Labs).

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